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Small Turbines

Small Wind Turbines
up to 50kw

Medium Turbines

Medium Wind Turbines
up to 50kw - 500kw

Large Turbines

Large Wind Turbines
up to 500kw +


Turbines in this range are popular with entrepreneurial farmers who have suffered from exposure all their lives and now want to make some money out of their wind-swept land. You may need a new connection to the grid and the planning process starts to become more onerous at this scale. Turbine prices range from around £200,000 for a 50-60kW Harbon to £360,000 for a 100kW Northern Power; depending on your site, income from this scale of turbine could be as much as £100,000 a year.

We are usually working on several projects at this scale and they can take a year or more to get through planning, local community consultation, grid connection etc. We also organise finance and insurance, as well as setting up maintenance and operation service contracts.

Manufacturers of Medium Wind Turbines

Most turbine manufacturers will try to sell you their product on the basis of how much power it could produce, based on its power curve and the wind speed of your site. While this is undoubtedly important, it is certainly not the whole story; in fact it is not even the most important consideration. Even the best wind turbine in the world will not generate much if it is not working. As well as the potential generation, we also take into account reported availability, terms and conditions of the warranty (e.g. are travel costs included, is there a minimum response time), any insurance policies (such as loss of income) in place, our experience of actual reliability and customer satisfaction, proximity of qualified engineers and so on.