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Gregor Hogg



Member of the Institute of Engineering and Technology - MIET

MSc (Distinction) Renewable Energy and Environmental Modelling (University of Dundee)

BSc (Hons) Environmental Sciences (University of Stirling)

Professional Info


Gregor has a strong environmental background that is particularly focused in renewable energy.  The majority of his work involves technical feasibility studies for energy projects that require a certain level of innovation to allow their development to be successful.  To date, these studies have mostly taken the form of wind energy and thermal energy storage, however he has a personal interest in all energy storage applications.


      - Wind turbine consultancy, planning and installation

      - Energy storage and management

      - Sustainable heating consultancy

      - Low carbon product design





Auchinleck – Feasibility study for a wind turbine development on behalf of a community development trust. The project fell under the CARES Innovation Investment Fund and was tasked with providing a return to the community in an area with widespread grid constraints.


Skye – Feasibility study to provide an attractive financial return on a wind turbine development while at the same time generating the opportunity for local employment. The project involved designing a biomass process facility around the power requirements of a 500kW turbine that is subject to a 50kW export constraint. Included the design of an export management thermal storage system to supply renewable heat to 50 households.


Glasgow City Council – Feasibility study of graphene heating system. Technical appraisal of innovative graphene IR heating system under the Local energy challenge fund. Due to the nature of the technology, remote sensor development was required for the proposed monitoring regime. Following on from the feasibility study, a pilot study was put together for Stage 2 LECF funding linking IR heating with PV and energy storage.


Lewis export management systems – Assisted in the implementation of two containerised export management thermal stores on Lewis each diverting 15kW from a 65kW Harbon with export restricted to 50kW.  The systems are integrated with the space heating, hot water and electrical systems at each croft, providing renewable heat via our automatic supply system and electricity via a private wire installation.


Fetlar Developments Limited –Assisted in the installation and operation of a thermal store export management system for Fetlar Developments Limited, managing export from an installation comprising two 25kW turbines with a connection under G83, restricted to 11kW.


Energy Storage – Conducted extensive research in all forms of energy storage including electrical (such as Lead-acid, Nickel cadmium, Sodium sulphur, Lithium-ion and redox flow battery storage systems as well as compressed air energy storage) and thermal (both sensible and latent storage options). Included technical evaluation of technologies along with their inclusion in microgrids/active network management schemes, ancillary services they can provide and their financial viability.


Other wind turbine projects – Planning and visual impact, grid connection and implementation of farm-scale wind turbine installations across Scotland


2010 - present

2010 - present

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