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Keir is a Director with Ecodyn and has been with the company since 2001. Keir has an MSc in Environmental Management, is an Associate of IEMA and is a registered BRE Ecohomes Assessor. Keir has a wide-ranging environmental background including renewables, waste minimisation, life cycle assessment, habitat management, management systems and PPC permits. He has worked with all sizes of sites and organisations from the smallest SME’s to FTSE 100 registered companies.

Keir has experience in most aspects of environmental consultancy work and has previously carried out support work through a variety of programmes includeing Design Advice, Carbon Trust, Envirowise, ETBPP, EEBPP, Scottish Enterprise (Tayside, Fife, Dumfries & Galloway and Borders.




Waste Minimisation – carried out process efficiency / waste minimisation audits for several hundred companies, mainly in manufacturing industry, both directly and on behalf of organisations such as Envirowise and Scottish Enterprise.  These have been broad ranging in terms of both the businesses visited and the support required.   No two projects have been the same and this has included simple improvements in segregation through to entire process changes.  All this work has seen reduced impact on the environment and significant financial savings.


Sustainable Design – working with architects and construction companies, this has seen around 100 developments and thousands of houses across the UK move towards more sustainable practices.  From the design process through to on site compliance, these projects have seen changes in the practices that will ensure that future residents have better houses, the construction process has less of an impact and that the developers produce a better product for less.


Legal Compliance – carried out legal compliance audits for an extensive range of clients.  These ensure that the site is in full compliance with the law and also that they are aware of future legislation.  These audits prove invaluable for EMS compliance and for good relationships with the regulator.  They also allow sites to be one step ahead of the competition and budget for future change.


IPPC Applications – recently completed yet another PPC licence, this time for a Salmon Processing Unit.  Previously Keir has now helped abattoirs the length of the country obtain licences along and helps maintain most of these on an active basis.  He is responsible for compiling all the necessary supporting documentation and writing the applications.  This involves analysis of all process materials and emissions, site reporting, waste minimisation reports and energy auditing, a review of any environmental management systems and liaison with both the EA,SEPA and other interested parties.




PARC/EDI – set up a sustainable construction guide document and auditing system for the redevelopment of Craigmillar.   This will allow each stage to be compared for its environmental performance and is a framework for sustainable design and resource efficiency. 


Staged EMS Systems – David S Smith Packaging have used Ecodyn Ltd to put in place controls on the sites that are not large enough to justify full ISO14001 systems.  Keir has developed bespoke scaled approaches to different parts of the organisation ensuring the system is detailed enough to ensure environmental impacts are controlled and simple enough to minimise staff resources.  This project is now being extended to DSSP’s European sites.


Scottish Salmon – operating across the west coast of Scotland the company breeds and stocks salmon cages, operates whale ships for transport and slaughtering and packaging facilities on land.  These sites are governed by strict legislation and each site requires different licencing.  Water use and effluent are two of the big issues for these sites and through good management they are able to dramatically reduce running costs and ensure full compliance.


MacIntosh Donald – a typical abattoir for which we have developed systems for monitoring and measuring to ensure costs are kept down and full legal compliance.  The site has gone through considerable changes over the last 5 years and we have managed the decommissioning of refrigeration plant and the massive protein processing unit.  Through best practice processes the site has reduced waste costs through improved segregation and changes to on site packing systems.


DawnPac – when things get too difficult or compliance officers are coming to site it is Ecodyn who are called on.  We provide telephone advice for all the site managers and will sit in on legal meetings.  Through our expertise in environmental legislation we are able to guide the site back into compliance and then work with the site to maintain this.  In addition to this we carry out waste minimisation and water efficiency audits every 3-4years to ensure best practice is being maintained


WCF VION – this is the largest lamb processing abattoir in Wales slaughtering that was slaughtering over a million animals per annum.  We are the environmental manager for the site and Keir manages a team on site, compiles site briefing notes for senior management and submits all the necessary reporting to ensure full compliance with the sites operating permit.  Through best practice the site has dramatically reduced water and effluent costs over the last 5 years to the point where it is no longer necessary to discharge waste water for 4months of the year


WCF VION – carbon footprinting - development of a comprehensive supply chain carbon footprint for the main lamb processing facility in Wales in response to the Saunders, Barber, Taylor paper.  This was particularly useful when ASDA, the site’s main customer, announced to the press a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 10% by all their primary suppliers; we were able to point out that the site itself was only responsible for 7% of the total footprint.


Envirowise Consultant – For eight years he has been one of the consultants selected by the government to answer environmental issues and carry out site visits on behalf of Envirowise.  The questions and visits can be on almost any environmental issue and in almost any factory up and down the length of the country


Axis Shield – this project started back in 2004 and was funded by Scottish Enterprise.  We developed a full environmental management system for the site that was certified to 14000.  Keir continues to work for this site carrying out training, legal compliance audits, water audits, waste minimisation reviews and process reviews.  Year on year the site has continued to see reductions in total waste and energy consumption while at the same time the staff numbers have almost doubled


Ballast Phoenix LCA – Keir is well known in the office for his love of databases and spreadsheets.  He has developed a tool to allow the sales staff at the company compare the embodied energy of their product against rivals taking into account numerous variables.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Keir Allen



Member of the Institute of Environmental Management and Assessment (pIEMA)     

Certified BRE EcoHomes Assessor

MSc Environmental Management (University of Stirling)

BSc (Hons) Biology (Ecology (University of Aberdeen)

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