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Kirstie joined Ecodyn in April 2016 from the Royal Mail where she was an Operations Manager. Kirstie has a degree in Environmental Biology and Geography and has experience in the Renewables Industry through research projects and supporting developmental energy projects.  Kirstie’s work with Ecodyn is principally in developing and auditing integrated management systems, and environmental legal compliance.  Having been on a course specialised in auditing to the ISO 9001:2015 standard, she has an in-depth knowledge of the new quality standard and is a qualified Lead Auditor.  Kirstie has experience in auditing for a range of sectors.



Lion Safety - Lion Safety, based in Grangemouth, provides a range of protective workwear and footwear.  Ecodyn assisted with the development of Lion Safety’s Integrated Management System to the new ISO standards for ISO 9001 (quality) and ISO 14001 (environment).  Ecodyn now complete internal audits for Lion Safety, which includes a legal compliance audit of their site.

Outsourced Quality and Environmental Consultant - Kirstie works for a range of companies assisting them with the development and continual improvement of their Integrated Management System.  This includes conducting internal audits throughout the year, and assisting with management reviews.  Some of her clients include Anchorpoint Interiors, HCI Supplies, Allied International UK, Diatech, and Quin Global.

Member of the Green Business Fife Steering Group - Kirstie is involved with the environmental network which aims to help local businesses become more efficient, boosting their competitiveness and minimising their environmental impact.  As a member of the steering group she is involved with promoting the network and planning events for local businesses on sustainability.

Environmental Research Projects – Kirstie completed an environmental land management project on the social perceptions towards reintroducing Wild Boar into Scotland.

Renewable Energy – in 2015 Kirstie was involved in a pioneering multi-million-pound hydrogen energy project that was leading the way in innovative applications of hydrogen derived from renewable sources.  Kirstie was responsible for the hydrogen transport aspect of the project and stakeholder management.  Prior to this project, Kirstie was involved in industry research and analysis into the renewable market for the USA in 2014 to identify opportunities for recruitment in the industry.

Operations Management (Royal Mail) – responsible for managing a team of 50 front line operational staff.  Kirstie was also accountable for ensuring company standards and USO was met, managing staffing and running the day-to-day operation of the business.  During her time in the business, Kirstie managed a project for ‘World Class Mail’ – a concept based on continual improvement of operational processes and focused on improving staff engagement.

2010 - present

2010 - present

Kirstie Main


Graduate Member of the Institute of Environmental Management & Assessment (GradIEMA)

Associate Member of the Chartered Quality Institute (aCQI)

BSc (Hons) Environmental Biology and Geography (University of St Andrews)

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