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Newburgh Community Trust

Ecodyn managed a project on behalf of the Newburgh Community Trust to investigate the viability of a community wind farm. The proposed development will provide renewable energy for the town and surrounding area. This is a total of approximately 2,500 people, which would require a wind installation with a total installed capacity of around 6MW.

The feasibility study, community consultation, Environmental Impact Assessment, financial modelling and planning application was completed but the project was unfortunately rejected by Fife Council due to visual impact. Ecodyn’s role was to manage the consultants delivering the EIA, while also developing the management and financial structures required to make the project a reality, should planning approval be granted (which in this case it unfortunately was not). This gives us up-to-date experience in financial modelling for projects of this nature, as well as contacts in financial institutions, electricity suppliers and other relevant organisations. In addition, we have a remit to provide what assistance we can to other community groups, which has allowed us to help groups such as Tayport, ENLEN, Stenton, Sleat and even the University of St. Andrews.

We were also instrumental in researching the best corporate, management and constitutional structures to realise implementation and operation of this project, establishing a wholly-owned subsidiary company to allow borrowing, streamline operational decisions and return profits to the Trust in a tax-efficient manner.

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