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Great Bernera

Ecodyn was successful (with the assistance of baby-Hydro) in its bid to provide a feasibility study and technical advice and assistance for income generation projects on the Great Bernera Estate. The study included reviewing several renewable energy technologies such as wind, hydro, marine and tidal. Unfortunately, because of the time constraints associated with the project, lack of technological development of some systems (marine and tidal), and a constrained grid, we could only present a viable solution associated with wind energy. The island was too flat for any significant hydro scheme. The proposed solution was to install a 50-100kW wind turbine behind the Community Hall and use this to power the small hub they already have here (community hall, NHS building, fire station, school and church) with the assistance of an energy management system. This study was incorporated with a wider evaluation of the economic, social and environmental implications of a community buyout. Although the community chose to purchase the island, unfortunately no further progress has been made to date with the renewable energy development.

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