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McIntosh Donald environmental consultancy assistance

A typical abbatoir for which we have developed systems for monitoring and measuring to ensure costs are kept down and full legal compliance.  The site has gone through considerable changes over the last 5 years and we have managed the decommissioning of refrigeration plant and the massive protein processing unit.  Through best practise processes the site has reduced waste costs through improved segregation and changes to on site packing systems.

Integrated management systems: ISO 9001, ISO 14001, BH OHSAS 18001

Ecodyn has implemented integrated management system for clients in the following sectors: chemicals, construction, engineering, food and drink, malting, waste and wholesale.  The projects have involved preparing documentation, delivering training, completing internal audits and assisting with corrective actions.

Environmental management system: ISO 14001, EMAS and BS 8555

Ecodyn has developed and implemented hundreds of environmental management systems for clients in the following sectors: agriculture, chemicals, construction, electronics, food and drink, manufacturing, medical, paper and packaging, pharmaceuticals, tourism, waste and wholesale.

Hazard Analysis and Critical Control points (HACCP)

HACCP is a systematic preventive approach to food safety and boilogical, chemical and physical hazards.  In production processes that can cause the finished product to be unsafe, and designs measurements to reduce these risks to a safe level.  They are a requirement of various standards in the food and drink sector including many industry standards and the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS).  Ecodyn has completed HACCP audits for a large malting company.

Waste management licence applications and assistance

Ecodyn has worked with a number of waste management organisations to assist them with applying for waste management licences (WML).  Ecodyn has also assisted companies that already hold a WML with regulatory issues and liaison with SEPA.

Environmental management for Axis Shield

This project started in 2004 and was funded by Scottish Enterprise.  Ecodyn developed and implemented a full environmental management system for the site that was certified to 14001.  Keir continues to work for this site carrying out training, legal compliance audits, water audits, waste minimisation reviews and process reviews.  Year on year the site has continued to see reductions in total waste and energy consumption while at the same time the staff numbers have almost doubled.

Legal compliance audits

Carried out legal compliance audits for an extensive range of clients.  These ensure that the site is in full compliance with the law and also that they are aware of future legislation.  These audits prove invaluable for EMS compliance and for good relationships with the regulator.  They also allow sites to be one step ahead of the competition and budget for future change.

Outsourced quality & environmental manager for Redeem Limited

Redeem collect and recycle mobile phones and electronic goods (and until recently printer cartridges) from throughout the UK for re-use across the world.  Elaine has been Redeem's outsourced environmental and quality manager since 2007.  In this time, she has been in charge of the management system on site, ensuring legal compliance with waste regulations, corresponding with SEPA, delivering staff training and driving environmental programmes to meet objectives and targets relating to resource efficiency.  Redeem runs the O2 Recycle campaign and through Telefonica's Supply Chain Responsibility Policy is being encouraged to develop a robust Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy.  Elaine has been instrumental in the development of Redeem's CSR commitments.

David S Smith staged environmental management system implementation

David S Smith Packaging have used Ecodyn Ltd to put in place controls on the sites that are not large enough to justify full ISO 14001 systems.  Keir has developed bespoke scaled approaches to different parts of the organisation ensuring the system is detailed enough to ensure environmental impacts are controlled and simple enough to minimise staff resources. This project is now being extended to DSSP's European sites.

Quin Global & Glenseal internal auditing

Many years ago Ecodyn helped Glenseal install an integrated mangement system to meet the requirements of ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and continue to manage the internal audit process for Glenseal and its sister company Quin Global.  Ecodyn conduct monthly internal audits and provide advice with corrective actions.

Williams Refrigeration management system implementation and auditing

Williams Refrigeration is a manufacturer of commercial refrigeration equipment.  Elaine helped them develop their environmental management system through a variety of workshops and training sessions.  This involved looking at all aspects of the refrigeration business and assistance with developing operational controls and applicable objectives and targets.   Following certification, Elaine and Ecodyn continued supporting Williams with annual legal compliance audits.

Falcon Foodservice Equipment management system implementation and auditing

Falcon Foodservice Equipment is the leading UK manufacturer of commercial catering equipment.  Ecodyn worked with Falcon to develop an environmental management system which integrated into their existing quality management system.  Ecodyn ran a number of workshops and training exercises with senior management which was then used to encourage staff engagement.  Ecodyn's templates were created into Falcon documents and the site successfully obtained ISO certification on the first attempt and continue to use Ecodyn for legal compliance audits.

Branston LImited legal compliance audits

Branston is one of the largest buyers, packers and distributors of potatoes in the UK. Ecodyn assisted with the development of Branston's environmental management system and now completes legal compliance audits for their sites in England and Scotland.

Environmental management system for pharmaceutical company, Axis Shield

Axis Shield are a global provider of innovative and reliable diagnostics tests for healthcare.  Ecodyn implemented their environmental management system and continue to assist by conducting environmental compliance audits.

Sandvik legal compliance audits

Sandvik produces industrial heating technology and resistance materials (furnace products, heating systems, resistors, capacitors) and is a company that Ecodyn has been involved with for a number of years.  Ecodyn are often called on to provide tailored environmental advice for Sandvik in Perth and complete legal compliance audits for the company regularly.  We have been involved in energy and waste projects on site and have provided advice to the company when they were considering a wind turbine at their factory.

Quality management system for Stirling Council's compost facility

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Henrik set up and maintained the QMS for Stirling Council's composting facility, enabling them to produce a quality product to ensure biodegradeable waste was diverted from landfill.  He was responsible for collecting and compiling environmental data, developing procedures, developing quality controls, site reporting, recording waste data, reviewing policies and procedures, ensuring compliance with a waste management license and liaising with SEPA.

Isle of Mull Cheese

Tobermory, Isle of Mull

Development of a wind turbine project for an iconic Scottish craft cheese producer, based on a 65kW Harbon wind turbine.  Including feasibility, planning, grid, logigistical solutions, project management and foundation installation.

Mount Pleasant Renewable Energy Co-operative

South Ronaldsay, Orkney

Feasibility, planning, grid, logistics and project management for a Harbon 65kW wind turbine installation in Orkney.


Ecodyn also developed a novel funding solution for this project, establishing a co-operative as a tax-efficient vehicle for members to invest in renewable energy.  We now manage the co-operative, looking after FITs and other payments, managing returns and communicating with co-op members.

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Wind turbine servicing

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