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Ecodyn has extensive experience in all environmental issues including; air pollution, water consumption and effluent production, contaminated land, waste management, environmental taxation, odour, noise, hazardous substances and air emissions.  We have extensive experience across all industry sectors including agriculture, food and drink, packaging, printing, biochemical, chemicals, construction and  demolitions, electronics, engineering, leisure, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, retail, service industries, waste management, wholesale, tourism and the public sector.

Renewable Energy


Ecodyn can manage your entire wind turbine project from initial feasibility, through completion of planning, installation, servicing & maintenance. We have installed over 50 wind turbines, from Stranraer to Unst and from 11 to 500kW, for private landowners, farmers, investors and community groups.

Energy and Resource Efficiency


Ecodyn has been providing independent consultancy advice on energy and resource efficiency since the company was established. We have an experienced energy audit and assessment team including a registered Lead Energy Assessor for ESOS compliance.  From simple waste minimisation initiatives to sophisticated statistical process control, this is one of the most effective ways we can help our clients to reduce environmental impacts while increasing profitability.

Compliance and Management


We have implemented ISO 9001, ISO 14001, EMAS and OHSAS 18001 management systems in over 100 companies with a 100% first-time certification success rate.  For these and other companies, we also deliver an outsourced Environmental Manager service, providing access to a far wider range of environmental expertise than would be available from an in-house manager, for a fraction of the price.  We also conduct regular legal compliance and due diligence audits for a wide range of clients.

Sustainable Construction


Ecodyn is a key player in the sustainable construction sector, dealing with the majority of EcoHomes-related work in Scotland, ranging from single-house projects to acting as sustainability consultant on urban regeneration projects comprising thousands of units.

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