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Sleat Community Trust

Ecodyn have close ties with Sleat on the Isle of Skye and have a permanent office in the community; Henrik Micski, who is a director with Ecodyn is also with Sleat Renewables Limited (current Chair). As part of the latter he has been involved with the process to complete a planning application for a single large scale wind turbine and to obtain a grid connection offer for said turbine. As part of this project Ecodyn generated a ZVI and photomontage report. Henrik has also taken part in researching sources of funding for completing the necessary studies for the planning application and been involved with the community buy-out of a local forest (under the National Forest Land Scheme). This included researching sources of funding for the purchase of the forest, as well as addressing governance of the project. In his current role as Chair for the trading arm, he and his follow directors are resonpsible for the management of the community forest. This includes managing harvesting and its impact on ecology, managing the chip, log-length and split log business, as well as developing a recreation plan.

Recently, Henrik has become the nominated representative for the Trust in the European-wide project called SMILEGOV. This project is managed by the Small Islands Federation and is focused on developing an Island Sustainable Energy Action Plan (ISEAP).

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